Professional Gratitude circa 2005

Continued Gratitude… to professional colleagues.

To Tom Harton. I was truly excited to know that my warm fuzzy made you feel warm and fuzzy. I wonder if it still hangs in your office.

To Mickey Maurer. I’m glad I didn’t know who you were before I called you, or I never would have called. Thank you for seeing something in me that I didn’t know was there.  I hope to make you proud one day.

To Ellen Annala. Our co-workers always thought I was your favorite. You made me feel smart and knowledgeable and trusted. I felt lucky to have you as my boss.

To Alecia DeCoudreaux. You are one of the classiest women I know and I am lucky to have worked with and for you.

To Kim Gattle. I admire the love you have for the work you do. I hope to find that passion in the work I do someday soon. Turn off your Blackberry.

Gratitude circa 2004-present

A continuation of my Gratitude page. Most of this was originally written in 2004. And I’m just as grateful, if not more, today.

To my sweet baby, H. I love being your mom and I love watching you grow into yourself every day. I can’t wait to see what kind of little girl, young lady, grown woman you become. You make me smile every day.

To my hubbalicious. You know I love you and you never ask why. That’s one way we’re not alike. You love me with all of my neuroses (three!) and you know that if it weren’t for me, you’d be eating a bag of chips every night for dinner with your cat. You make me feel smart and beautiful and you don’t mind when I sing in the car.

To my brother. You are my inspiration. I’m awed by the courage you have to do what you love, and awed by your book collection. You take me seriously and take interest. You love your niece more than I could have imagined you ever would. We’re more alike than I ever thought possible when we were growing up, you spitting on me and me tattling on you.

To xoro. You and my brother were meant to be together and you’re meant to be in our family. I never wanted a sister, but if I did, I’m glad it’s you. And, I love how your love of gifts makes you glow.

To W.C. Our friendship has grown deeper and deeper each passing year, even when life and work and kids get in the way of us connecting. My life is only better because of you.

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