Our failing criminal justice and mental health systems

I don’t have answers or even ideas about how to fix either system. I categorize this as one of those reads that infuriates me, not only because of the problems it exposes but also the frustration in not knowing where to start. If you thought the issues were bad in our federal and state prisons, they are so much worse in our local jail systems.

US jails struggle with role as makeshift asylums by Adam Geller

Creativity breeds mental illness breeds creativity breeds mental illness….

Engaging read. If you don’t read the whole thing, at least read the last two paragraphs.

For tl:dr folks – Creative people may or may not have mental illness.

Secrets of the Creative Brain by Nancy Adreasen

Some people see things others cannot, and they are right, and we call them creative geniuses. Some people see things others cannot, and they are wrong, and we call them mentally ill. And some people, like John Nash, are both.