Analysis Paralysis

I’ve been sing-song-ing “analysis paralysis; something in my brain’s amiss” to the tune of the mean kid making fun of Cindy Brady (“Baby talk, baby talk; it’s a wonder you can walk”) all day long. It’s the only thing that pops in my head as I’ve been forcing myself to post a blog entry.

It’s been a week and a half since my last post. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but because I was unsure of what I had to say was compelling or interesting or relevant to anyone else but me. I over-analyzed drafts of blog entries. I edited and re-edited every thought in my head so that I didn’t even write those thoughts into a draft. I read other blogs and tweets and online articles. I’ve been too busy busying myself to make myself sit down and write something. Anything. I’m looking for perfection and coming up with nothing. Fear of suckiness pushes me into inaction.

Writing advice books say to just write and eventually, with practice, the writing gets better. And yet, this is the blah that is coming out. Nothing new. Nothing compelling. No one ever said first steps were pretty. And lucky you, dear reader, you get to witness the stumbles, trips and baby walk.

2 thoughts on “Analysis Paralysis”

  1. Linh –
    I’m starting my own blog soon and picked up a great book at the library for inspiration called “Nobody cares what you had for lunch” which contains 100 great blog ideas. Check it out. Hope it helps.


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