Professional Gratitude circa 2005

Continued Gratitude… to professional colleagues.

To Tom Harton. I was truly excited to know that my warm fuzzy made you feel warm and fuzzy. I wonder if it still hangs in your office.

To Mickey Maurer. I’m glad I didn’t know who you were before I called you, or I never would have called. Thank you for seeing something in me that I didn’t know was there.  I hope to make you proud one day.

To Ellen Annala. Our co-workers always thought I was your favorite. You made me feel smart and knowledgeable and trusted. I felt lucky to have you as my boss.

To Alecia DeCoudreaux. You are one of the classiest women I know and I am lucky to have worked with and for you.

To Kim Gattle. I admire the love you have for the work you do. I hope to find that passion in the work I do someday soon. Turn off your Blackberry.

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